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  • 5 Tips For Tackling Your First Big Car Repair in Edmond

    Car maintenanceWeekends are for fun, and when you own a car, why not use it to maximize the enjoyment? But are you ready to fix the problems that your car may face? Yes, we all are little bit conversed with the basic fixing, and own a basic kit for car repair. Small jobs like oil changing or tire rotating are not that big deal, but something more intricate may need professional attention.

    You should be alert and take professional car maintenance tips if you are living in Edmond, else you will get plenty of good car repair shops at all places. Edmond is the best place to get your car checked timely. If you are planning a long trip in summer, then it is a necessity. It so happened a few weeks ago with me, when I found at the middle of my route that my car is not getting started. I tried all my skills but later had to call for professionals, who informed me that I need a new engine. If I wanted to change the engine myself, I might have faced many more hiccups. So it is a truth, and we all have to agree on it, that, we all need professionals when our cars are stuck in a difficult situation at times.

    From this experience, I learnt a few things which I want to share with you:

    Research is needed:

    Study the manuals of aftermarket, and learn the details of the tools and their application, also the internet forums are quite useful and you can learn lots of things from the question and answers. Follow the instruction in YouTube videos to know how you can remove the radiator, wind shield and front bumper successfully. Sites like VWvortex and Jeepsunlimited are there to help you out when you seek an answer to any particular question.

    Find a space to fix your car:

    You need to find a spacious area where you can start working on your car. You need elbow space and so, try to place the car at the middle point. Also, the parts and spares will be scattered everywhere once you are absorbed in the task, so be careful to clean up space and not to put any furniture around you.

    Expect it to be a lengthy process:

    First time when you are trying to fix your car, be aware that it will take longer than you are anticipating. There should be some alternative way of convenience and expect to be frustrated more than often. There would be mistakes and not so happy moments when you will feel that nothing is working out. But all these are part of the process so embrace the total process gracefully. Long nights and weekends may get absorbed in this project.

    Make it a learning process:

    Be attentive to what you are doing, carefully note every step you are taking and make a note on them. Remember this will be your lifetime experience and you can learn from your own notes next time you face this problem.  You can use a white marker to mark the spares of a part of the car so that when you are dismantling the whole thing, you will know which piece is to put and where. Being organized saves a lot of time and trouble. So arrange for some packets, crates or other holders to deposit the loose screws and parts, possibly marking them for different spares like fasteners, washers and clips. Phone cameras come really handy as you can take pictures of every step of the dismantling process and know instantly how to put them back together.

    Checklist is a must:

    When you are almost done, and in a hurry to see if everything had gone alright, do not make haste. Use a checklist to see if all the screws and bolts have been tightened, wires have been routed and body panel is aligned properly.  These little nuances show that if you are an amateur or a professional at work then definitely you will never want your car to look cheap by fixing it clumsily.

    The car is all set to run, but do not wait for the next morning to start the journey by road, better do a test drive beforehand and see if everything is going smoothly. Then you can take a well-deserved rest at your couch or enjoy the evening with your snacks and drinks.

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