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  • How To Maintain Your Car Batteries

    auto repair tipsBeing a proud owner of your car makes you responsible for the well being of the car. You need to take care of its parts and spares. Also you should have knowledge of how to keep the car in its best condition. Battery is a very integral part of any and every car. You should be aware of its importance and get auto repair tips from a specialized mechanic on how to take care of this. The three basic methods are checking, cleaning and charging. Still if you need some more auto repair tips, to keep the battery in check, here are they:

    Battery location:

    Usually every battery contains two plastic cases which again consist of positive and negative wires connected to the car. Wires remain within brass or lead terminals. These terminals can be either thimble like, screw like or like a thread. When you are removing the car battery from its place, make sure which one is the positive thread and which one is the place for negative thread, so you can easily adjust the battery again in its place.

    Water level:

    You need to check the water level of the battery once in a month if you are using a wet cell battery. If your battery is AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) one, then you should be aware that this kind of battery never should be opened. Only a technician can do that job and, the truth is, these kinds of batteries rarely need water. When you are checking the non maintenance free battery’s water level, just see if the water is touching the bottom of the hole. Refill it with only distilled water, put it slowly and check if the water is reaching the bottom, and never pour too much water to overfill the hole.

    Clean the terminal:

    Take care of the terminals by cleaning them once in 6 to months. Use a wire brush to clean it. Before doing this, connectors should be removed from the terminals. Then use a paste of baking soda and distilled water. Terminal spreaders should be used to fit the battery back into the terminals.

    Grease coating:

    Use a grease coating on the batteries to protect them from wearing out due to rust.

    Battery testing:

    You need to check your battery voltage after every oil change. This is a technical process which only mechanic can perform. The proper voltage after a full charge should be 12.5 to 12.6 volts. But do not check it if the battery is not fully charged. Let it work perfectly until you find any problem.


    Some cars have insulators which protect the battery from high temperature, but if dries out the liquid fast. So have a look and make sure if the insulator is working properly and keeping the battery in good condition.

    Check up:

    You should take your car to some auto repair shop once in a while, even if it is running perfectly well. Go for a checkup twice yearly and tune it up to get the car running for a longer time.

    Take care of your car like you take care of your near and dear ones. If you look after it, it will serve you for a longer period without fail.

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