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  • What You Should Do If You See Warning Lights

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    Those who drive cars know that flashing or lighting warning light is the most common problems which indicate various things. In Edmond all the auto repair centers consist of expert professionals who take care of your car with utmost effort.

    It is hard to gauge the reason for the warning light; it can be anything from tire pressure to cooling system to engine oil and any other problem. There are multiple centers for auto repair in Edmond, and the technicians usually check for below issues to fix the problem:

    Engine light – solid or flashing

    Checking engine light is a necessary part of car check up, but the reason for engine light warning can be various.  But if you see the light is steady then the problem might be an old one, and has occurred quite a few times earlier. In most cases this indicates the emission related problem.  You can get in touch with the technician from auto repair in Edmond and get the problem solved. A few times the engine light does flash and stops on its own. It can happen due the loose gap cap, or if the cap is damaged the warning comes from the flashing light. Solid light does indicate no immediate problem, but of course one should not ignore it and get a checking done. On the other hand flashing light seems to indicate some technical issue which needs immediate attention.

    Battery warning light

    When you start the car, you may notice the battery warning light flashing once or twice, which stops after you start running the car. This is a normal thing for most car owners, but if you find the problem while you are driving, then the problem must be with the battery, the alternator or the drive belt attached with the alternator. A single belt usually controls the alternator, and if the power steering or brake creates problem, then also the battery warning light starts flickering.

    Oil pressure warning

    If you oil level is not at par, you may find this light flickering when you are driving the car. Get the tank filled, and see if the problem is fixed. If the answer is no, then check the car with a professional from any car repairing shop in and around Edmond.

    ABS light

    Anti lock breaking system damage might be indicated through this signal. When the lock does not work properly, this light might start flashing. You should get it checked from a technician as soon as possible.

    Brake and ABS light

    If you find the brake light on or the brake as well as ABS light on, stop the car. It might be some serious problem which needs a specialist to handle the issue. Your brake system probably is facing some major issue.

    Stay in touch with the professionals from Edmond, who are best at their job and will fix any and every issue keeping your car in proper condition.

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