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  • 10 Driving Tips For Safe Driving In Edmond

    car driving tipsDriving is the need of everyday now in fast pace life of Edmond. We have to drive to our workplace, kid’s school, supermarket and thousand of more places. So we gradually tend to forget the rules that we have learnt while drove for the first time. We all have got tons of car driving tips from our friends and driving instructor regarding how should we drive on crowded roads, how to move on while it rains and so on.

    The number of selling cars is increasing every year and so is the number of accidents. In this scenario, if you are not well adequately versed with the minute tricks, you are about to fall in such a situation that you have never expected to be in.

    So the easiest way to avoid accident in Edmond is being alarmed and full proof with all the precautions, and thus you will be able to stay away from the chance of money loss, hazards, tension and physical damage caused by any accident.

    1. Time constraint:

    Driving within a strict time period is not a very wise thing to do. This can lead to dangerous situation as being rash is never a solution to your problems. So take enough time to reach your destination and in fact, start beforehand, so you can drive safely and not crazily to be on the spot on time in Edmond.

    2. No distraction while driving:

    A very common habit of all of us, driving while keeping the car radio on or speaking to someone through blue tooth, is a dangerous habit. We all may know the effects of this multitasking, but how much do we bother? A study shows that the ratio of car accident while talking or texting in time of driving has been increased a lot in recent years. The rule to follow is, leave your device in your car and be peaceful while driving the car.

    3.Be self dependent and not app oriented

    The applications to help you guide through the road are available in your mobile too easily. It is not so that these apps do no good, but the basic road sense and sense of direction should never take back seat either. GPS and Yelp can show you the way but the possibility of getting into a dockyard or a construction site cannot be ruled out. So better be aware of the roads in Edmond where you are about to go while driving.

    4. Checking for the weather

    When you are about to start a long journey, checking the weather forecast report and the condition of climate is advisable. If you see the clouds are perching on the corner of the sky and yet determine to start a trip, then you are being obstinate, the sudden downpour or hail storm may cause risk to your life. So be cautious before hand and save your car and life both.

    5. Avoid stress

    While on the road, you may face a multiple number of issues which will drive you crazy. The best driver is not the one who reaches his or her destination within the scheduled time, but the one who drives safely and keeping his cool. It is often harder to practice than to advise, but be careful and not get carried away with minute issues while driving in Edmond. The fellow drivers might be rash or the traffic might be too heavy to handle, but no situation should be able to irritate you while on the road.

    6. Regular checking of the car parts

    If you check the parts and oil of your car regularly and change them after a certain interval, chances are you will not be facing any sudden hiccup in the middle of the road or at the odd hour. After you car completes around 3000 miles, you need to check for the oils and tires. Mark the year of the tire changing and schedule for a bi yearly car check up, to keep your car in best possible condition.

    7. Do not obstacle the smaller vehicles

    It is a very necessary part of driving. While on the roads of Edmond, you might face a lot of cycles and smaller vehicles are moving with the same road in different speeds. Do not get annoyed and try to capture the most of the track, instead, let the vehicles pass in their own speed without colliding with your ones. That will make your journey smoother and lessen the chance the collision.

    8. Plan for the trip

    Be sure of the route map you will be taking to reach the spot. You must know where you can expect heavy traffic and where you will find a lonely highway, it will not only help you to drive your car confidently, but also stabilize you mentally. You should be aware of the places where you can keep talking via the handset, while in some parts, it will be not legal to do so.

    9. Drive in a fresh mind

    Long trips cause tiredness and sleepiness in drivers. But be aware of the lethargic condition while driving , as, needless to say, this is possibly the worst condition and cause of most of the accidents. If you feel too tired to keep your eyes open, halt your car at the roadside and try to get refreshed, or take some rest before you resume your journey.

    10. Emergencies can come anytime

    It is possible that after following the rules and being alert while driving, you may face an emergency situation on your way. An accident or a burglary, anything can happen while you are on the road. So get yourself prepared and keep your insurance papers in the gloves apartment. Also carry the emergency supplies like the tool box and phone book, in case you need to message anyone while in any tumultuous situation.

    The best way to drive your way is, be restrained and cool. While driving with one or more companion, or all by yourself, you should be the best judge of the situations and should decide wisely to be safe and secure.

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