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  • Fixing Car Needs A Professional – But These Fixes Can Save You Most Of Your Money

    diy for car repairIn the time of modern technology, everyday new and upgraded cars are coming to the market. The parts and spares getting are getting newer and harder to be fixed by one’s own. We do not dare to fix an issue if some problem arises in our dear car, and often call for professional help from auto repair shop in Edmond OKC .

    But some regular maintenance all by yourself can lessen the number of professional help you need throughout the year.

    • Replacing air filter

      When the air filter of the car gets clogged, if affects the car’s overall performance, so you need to be careful and regularly check the filter. Also this filter should be changed once in a while, to prevent the car to get affected in the long run.

    • Changing oil after the car is cooled down

      You should change the oil of the car to keep up the good health of the car. So arrange for oil filter, new oil, wrench, and oil container to get the oil changed after the car cools down after a trip.

    • Replacing the spark plug

      While you are taking all the necessary steps, do check the spark plug and replace it after a particular interval, as that will help you to have a smooth driving.

    • Windshield rubber strip

      You need to change the worn out strip once in a while, so you get a clear visibility next time you drive in the rain. Just take a screwdriver and start working on it.

    • Check headlight bulbs

      You should check the headlight bulbs and see if they have burnt out. You need a pair of sealed beam headlight to get it done.

    • Brake pads

      The more they are in their optimal conditions, the better. This part of the car should be changed when you feel any disturbance in it, and you only need a c-clamp, allen wrench, lug wrench, jack and a hammer to do the replacement.

    • Car cooling system

      The radiator system maintains the temperature of the car. When the dirt clogs the car radiator flush, the heating can be increased and thus the engine can be damaged, so keep an eye.

    • Tire replacement

      This is one of the topmost priority for any and every car, and probably the commonest one. Change your tire when it gets damaged and keep a spare wheel always in stock.

    • Thermostat

      This one is a part which keeps the car temperature moderate. It can get leaked, or the coolant could get emptied, so do check them when the engine is cool. You should change the total thermostat structure when detected with any fault.

    • Washer tank

      When the dirt of windshields clog this part, you need to take it off after removing the wires. The tank should be filed with washer liquid when the cleaning is done.

    There are many more such small DIY things which will help you to get going with your car, without visiting the technicians. However, for further complication, you can always call for the auto repair shop in Edmond OKC .

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