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  • Auto Repair Tips: How to Fix Car Bumper Scratches

    auto repair tipsA scratch on the bumper can easily and adversely affect the appearance of the car. It’s the owner, and not the car who gets hurt. However, one need to take the proper care of the ailment. There is no need to visit the mechanic if you are aware of the auto repair tips. You can grind, sand, sculpt, and paint to repair the damaged bumper. Here are the step by step tips to repair the damaged or scratched car bumper:

    • Choosing the right adhesive and preparing the fascia
      In modern days, the hard metal bumpers are covered with plastic. So it becomes important to choose right adhesive to repair the scratches on the plastic. You may not be well aware of the adhesives and other materials used for preparing the solution. But the counterman at the auto parts store can provide right advice about which type of recipe would be best suitable to repair the scratch. You can then follow the auto repair tips here and follow the next step of scuffing the area that is damaged and cleaning it with cleaner that is used to clean the plastic surfaces. Let the cleaned area dry and wipe it with the prep solvent.
    • Sanding & Grinding
      The next step then is the sanding the area with grit paper and then cut a ‘V’ groove in the area that is damaged. You can use cordless drill and rotary file for grooving.
    • Mixing the Adhesive and Repairing the Scratches or Tears
      The repair adhesive and the hardener should be thoroughly mixed on a paper or cardboard. You can now use the tape with a body filler squeegee and place the mixture on the damaged part. You can then apply a second or third layer as per requirement.
    • Spreading the plastic filler
      the applied material will harden in about 20 minutes or so. You can then remove if you have applied any tape. Using the grit paper, you can then remove the squeezed in material if any, and then again fill the cuts or tears using the suitable repair material.
    • Sanding and leveling the contour
      Once the applied material has hardened, you can sand it for leveling. For this, you can first use the 80 grit sand paper first and then use120 grit paper. For filling up the imperfections and restoring it to its original contour, you can apply a light skim coat of the repair material once more. You can then sand it with the wet sand paper with 400-grit.
    • Painting
      Once you have followed the above steps as per the basic auto repair tips, you can paint it and give the final touch.

    It is not all a complex task to repair the scratched or damaged car bumper; however, it is important to follow the auto repair tips and execute the task accordingly.

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