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We offer a range of auto services in Edmond, Oklahoma!

We offer cutting edge auto repair and maintenance services in Edmond, Oklahoma. Car trouble is not new, but finding a professional mechanic is a pain. Here, you’ll find the right people to provide a lasting auto repair solution. Whether it’s click, pop, squeak or knock, we are your one stop shop for all sorts of car trouble. From tune-ups to used car inspections to a complete engine replacement, we offer unmatched services at the most affordable rates in Edmond. As an ASE certified facility, we can be trusted for quality of services and commitment to your satisfaction.

Factory Maintenance: Save your time and money! We offer complete factory scheduled maintenance services even at lower prices than dealers.

A/C Repair: Is your car air conditioner not blowing cold? Here in Oklahoma, A/C is essential. We can easily diagnose the problem, whether it’s low refrigerant levels, a bad A/C clutch, thermostat or whatever; then have you back on the road in comfort.

Tune-ups: Your car needs regular tuning to prevent carbon buildup, fuel system clogs, misfires and more. Our tune-ups keep your car running efficiently and extend it’s useful life.

Timing belts: If your timing belt fails, it might mean you need a new engine, which would cost thousands. After the 75,000 mile mark, have us inspect your timing belt for wear or replacement as needed.

CV joints: Hear a strange clicking noise while turning? Your CV joints may be faulty. We can quickly determine their wear and if they require repair or replacement.

Brakes: Probably the most important part of your car is the brake system. We can service both brake rotors and drums, and replace worn brake pads.

Pre-Purchase Inspection: Never buy a used car without a professional’s input. We can perform a multi-point inspection and quote the cost of repairs needed for any used car you are considering to help you make an informed decision.

Engine Replacement: The worst case scenario for auto repair is needing a new engine; but if that’s what you need, we can get it done quickly and economically.

Clutches and Transmission Replacement: Is your clutch slipping? Is your automatic transmission taking a long time to shift? Like brakes, clutches need periodic servicing and inspection. We can find a solution to that awful lurching and jerking.

For any other need, let us know! We offer complete range of high-caliber services.

Extensive Skills and Experience in Auto Repair

An auto shop is nothing without its technicians. At Auto Repair Edmond, you’ll find our veteran technicians have the skills and experience to fix any problem with your car. Many car owners can’t pinpoint the exact problems with their cars, but a quick drive makes it obvious. Our complete car inspection services can help diagnose and fix the problem. We also provide car maintenance and warranty extension services to clients. Schedule periodic servicing and inspection for your car to keep it in pristine operating condition as long as possible.

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